Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Silk Wrap Bracelets: Tutorial

The past several weeks have been a great deal of fun. My early mornings and evenings are filled with jewelry making as I prepare for Local's holiday art show. Given that my jewelry tends to have a higher price point, I'm trying to make a handful of things that are less time consuming, so less expensive. One example is this simple silk wrap. Following is the tutorial.

Materials Needed:
2.5 ft silk cord
8 sterling silver bead drops (although this tutorial includes making your own, in which case you'll need a torch and some wire wrapping tools)
2 crimp covers (optional)
1 button


1. Cut your sterling silver wire into 8 1-inch lengths.

2. Using your torch, melt the tip of each piece of wire until you have created a little ball.

3. With your wire wrapping tools, create a loop next to each silver ball, and twist the wire around itself twice. Snip off the end, and press down sharp edge.

4. Form a simple knot at one end of your silk cord. I like to cover the knot with a sterling silver crimp cover to give the bracelet a sharper look.

5. Slip your bead drops onto the cord, and space every 2-3 inches.

6. Measure the cord around your wrist. It should wrap 4 times. Mark the spot where you'd like to place the clasp (button). Weave the end of your cord through the button, and secure with a simple knot. Tie a second knot .5 inches away from the button. Secure the knot with a crimp cover.

That's it. These bracelets are especially quick to make when you've purchased the drop beads, but I do enjoy making them myself. Once you've made one bracelet, they're beautiful when combined with different colors, so make a few!


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