Friday, November 2, 2012

Recycled Glass Bottle Art: Top Ten

Imagine this:

Now, imagine all post-consumer glass bottle waste being transformed into art. Check out these ten inspiring projects by innovative thinkers, people who think twice about simply throwing out their trash.

Jan Frink fuses together recycled wine bottles to create artistic platters.


Dessin Creations makes all kinds of jewelry using recycled bottles, from bangles and pendants to elegant earrings.
COKE Bottle Necklace, Recycled Glass Necklace, Coca Cola Jewelry, Upcycled Bottle Jewelry, Dessin Creations 

Amber Cowan  uses flameworking, blowing, and hot-sculpting recycled, up-cycled, found and second-life glass that is usually American pressed glass from the 1940's-1980's.

This wine bottle chandelier by Kathleen Plate is only one of her countless breath-taking creations.

Louise Craig creates unusual bowls and platters, wall hangings, lights, tiles and more with recycled glass bottles.
Yelp features a private home mosaic made with recycled beer and wine bottles.

The Traveling Circus features efficient earth homes with colorful recycled glass bottles in Taos, NM.
This Bottle chair not only uses post-consumer waste, but blends well into its natural environment. I wonder how comfortable it is?
The Ginger Restaurant in Argentina is a hot spot for its menu, wine selection and, most importantly, glass bottle ceiling.
Take green living one step further by consumig less during the holidays. This Recycled bottle Christmas tree in Shanghai is certainly a popular attraction.
Now, where does this leave us?
Here's a simple DIY poject to inspire your imagination. Check out this great tutorial on how to make your own recycled glass bottle coffee table.

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