Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Homemade Golden Beet Powder: Recipe

I discovered the wonderful taste of beet powder the other day! Ashley sprinkled it on popcorn to feed hungry mouths during our community cider squeeze. It turned the popcorn into a healthy, festive, bold red snack. It was immediately devoured and, of course, I decided to try making it myself.

I tried browsing the Web for a simple recipe for beet powder, but everything I found was too complicated. Each recipe involved steaming the beets, peeling off the skin, and so forth. I wondered, why not make raw beet powder instead? So, I did, and it's to die for (if I might say so myself).

Homemade Golden Beet Powder

12 fresh (or bulk) golden beets (red beets are good, too)
1/8 C. sea salt
2 Tbsp cracked black pepper

1. Scrub beets clean. Cut the greens off your beets and put them aside to use in another dish.

2. Peel beets. Aren't they gorgeous?

3. Toss the beets in a food processor to grate, or you can hand grate if you prefer.

4. Place thin layers of grated beets in a food dehydrator. Dehydrate until crisp, approximately 2 hours.

5. In a coffee grinder, grind beet shreds until you have a fine powder.

6. Stir in salt and pepper. Transfer to a glass jar to keep up to one year. Sprinkle on top of salads, popcorn, fish, and more.

As always...enjoy! Your comments are welcome!


  1. I have never heard of beet powder but I do have some beets sitting around that I never got around to making. Does it impart a taste or is it mostly an extra kick of nutrition? I'm very curious about trying this. As always, I love your site :D

    1. Hi Aubrey. Thank you for your nice comment! The beet powder definitely gives your dish a savory flavor, in addition to its nutritious benefits. Red beet powder looks so festive sprinkled on food!

  2. this look gorgeous and yummy too I never heard of beet powder before... I will have to try out this recipe some time. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. I hadn't heard of it before either. It's scrumptious! Enjoy!

  3. This is inspirational. It could be used to give colour to baked goods where at the moment I am using turmeric which adds a distinct flavour. Beetroot has a naturally sweet flavour so should go well with baked items. Thankyou for sharing this excellent recipe :)

  4. Federal Ingredients sells raw salt-free golden beet powder in their online store: We love it on fish and fresh hot olive-oil popped popcorn. Broccoli powder and kale powder are also savory and healthy (and nutritious).


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