Monday, May 21, 2012

Top Ten Things To Do With Recycled Blue Jeans

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Back in the stylish 1980s I went through a stage of altering my clothes. Without a sewing machine, I had to stitch everything by hand. I cut the seams off perfectly good jeans to sew in colorful fabric. I stuck my favorite pants in bleach to give them a fancy tie dye effect, and added colorful patches to pants without holes. My poor father discovered business shirts missing from his closet that I snatched to cut off the sleeves and wear with a double leather belt and legwarmers.

Later, I used common sense to restyle only those things that no longer fit or had worn thin. One of my favorite pieces was a recycled denim shoulder bag.

For those of  you out there seeking inspiration for your own up-cycled denim projects, check out this fabulous top ten list:

1. Ecouterre creates hip shoes using recycled jeans. Each pair is one-of-a kind.

2. Myrecycledbags provides a great tutorial on how to make coasters using old jeans.

3. Denim is an increasingly popular insulation for those building energy efficient, sustainable homes. Denim insulation can be purchased at Home Depot.

48 in. x 75 in. UltraTouch Denim Insulation Hot Water Heater Blanket

4. Chairs alone can be pieces of art. This one definitely is, made with recycled denim by Design Squish.

5. Among many other eco-friendly products, Ecouterre features this up-cycled denim cot.

6. Weave together recycled cotton t-shirts or other fabric to make durable, unique rugs. Spotsonmyapples makes a variety of rugs woven with recycled jeans.

7. Think simple. Cut out the pockets of your old jeans to use as coasters. FunkyJunkyVintage sells these on Etsy.

8. Use more than just the pockets of recycled denim. Allusedupcycleddenim uses the legs to make awesome yoga mat bags.

9. Are you looking for another material to incorporate into your recycled fashion? Justina Blakeney creates super cute clothing using recycled jeans...for dogs...

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Ok, maybe you'd prefer not making clothing for your dog. Instead, like Dawanda, you might make a fabulous hood!

10. Last, but not least...with July 4th approaching, Green3apparel sews together and paints 16 pairs of jeans to make an American flag.

recycled denim flag, USA flag, up-cycled denim flag, reused denim flag, USA

denim flag, up-cycled denim, flag, USA, USA denim flag, recycled USA denim flag

What are your ideas?


  1. plz give a tutorial on how to make the jean-bag thing

    1. That's an excellent idea! Thank you for the suggestion. I'll certainly follow up on that one.

    2. I found this tutorial - it looks fabulous!

  2. Love the yoga bag. I make shoulder bags and bags for tablets and ereaders out of old jeans:

    1. Thank you for your comment and for sharing your blog page, Claudia. I love your ideas!

  3. the dog becomes very fashionable)

    1. Doesn't it? I can't tell if he looks happy or sad, but he sure is cute!


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