Monday, April 2, 2012

Top Ten Things To Do With Bottle Caps

I often wonder how much of a positive impact I have on the earth when I make conscious sustainable decisions, such as using our clothesline, eating locally raised food, or recycling. Perhaps it's not important to measure my impact, provided I make consistent choices.

So, here's one. Have you ever wondered what to do with your used bottle caps besides playing Skully? Although we don't drink much soda, we occasionally throw away used bottle caps, a pity since they can actually be purchased for various crafts. In looking around, I found 10 fun projects to undertake:

I'm sure you've stumbled upon recycled bottle cap magnets before. I cannot find the name of this artist, but these magnets are certainly unique, embellished with all sorts of little trinkets.

Beyond Junk creates one-of-a kind beads using old bottle caps.

Make tea light candles with used bottle caps, perfect for romantic outdoor dinners.

Christine Klein assembles these playful shakers using sticks and bottle caps.

Kotik bends used bottle caps into jewelry, combined with precious metals and high quality beads.

Install intricate mosaics, or perhaps just a simple back splash for your bathroom, as depicted by Build Direct.

Children in third world countries create toys out of used sugar boxes, metal scraps, and bottle caps. One example is this splendid figurine. String bottle caps together to make animals or dolls.

A Bird In The Hand Art provides a great tutorial on making flowers using recycled bottle caps. These make fun garden art, bound to stimulate conversation during a garden walk-about.

Allison Patrick saves bottle caps to incorporate into unique coasters.

I think this one is my favorite. BottleCapWhistles shop sell hand fabricated whistles with all sorts of personalities. They also make cool rolling toys, planes, pendants, and more.

So...don't throw away those bottle caps. Instead, dare to make something creative!


  1. I was just at a bead show and I saw the most wonderful bottle cap beads! They are awesome!

  2. If you flatten them a bit, you can even use them for scrapbooking!


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