Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Making of a Poppy Seed Pod

Seed pods are utterly fascinating. Isn't it incredible how they're constructed simply to protect their seeds from pests and pathogens, provide nutrients to the seeds, to break open and release their seeds at just the right time, and even designed to filter out damaged seeds?

Take the poppy seed pod - I hadn't realized how different they are from one another until I chose to hand fabricate them out of silver.

Here is a photo journal of my study. I am in awe.

I started out with 3 flat discs, two large and one 1/2 the size.

I then used my dapping block to turn the discs into cups.

I drilled a tiny hole into one of the cups, and then soldered the two together.

I sawed off a section of tube and splayed it at each end. I then soldered the tube to the ball.

I snipped 14 lengths of 21 gauge wire and placed it on the smaller disc, soldered them together.

Using my saw, I cut small slivers out of the disc between each wire, then filed them down.

I dapped the top of the pod to give it a bit of a curve, then soldered it to the ball.

...and added a stem.




And that's it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gallery of Recent Work: Hand Fabricated Botanical Jewelry

My obsession with making botanical jewelry has not ceased. In fact, with each hike I take I am riveted by wildflowers, berries, leaves, and moss. I steal small samples for future studies. My prolific garden is an endless source of inspiration. Thus...this passion of mine continues.

Below are some photos of recent work, all hand fabricated with sterling silver. To purchase pieces or to place a custom order, check out my website.

Thank you for taking a look!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Making of a Honeysuckle

While I continue to explore the creation of hand fabricated botanical jewelry, I endeavored to make a honeysuckle blossom. The hummingbirds are gregariously feasting, and the scent of the flowers make me swoon.

This project was my first attempt at making a tubular plant, a puzzle indeed. I decided on a stair-step approach, as you can see in my photo journal below.

I wonder...what might you have done differently if given this challenge?

Here is what I did: a honeysuckle blossom.

I started with 3 different sizes of seamless sterling silver tubes, sawing about 1/4" piece off each.

I then fit the tubes together, almost like a stair-step. One fit into the next perfectly.

I then soldered each of the seams together.

In the meantime, I sawed out these tho shapes for the petals/stamen...

...and used a straight edge hammer to give them texture and shape.

I soldered them to the tubes.

I inserted five 1" pieces of 28 gauge wire, twisted the bottom ends together and soldered them into the tube to hold them in place.

The rest is self explanatory, maybe. Check out the pictures below and you'll see how I finished off the pendant.

What do you think you would have done differently?
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